Opt Out

To exclude yourself from the Settlement, you must send a letter by U.S. mail (or an express mail carrier) saying that you want to “opt-out of” or “be excluded from” the Class Settlement in In re: Hyundai and Kia Engine Litigation, No. 8:17-cv-00838-JLS-JDE and Flaherty v. Hyundai Motor Company, et al., No. 18-cv-02223 (C.D. Cal.). Be sure to include (i) your full name and current address, (ii) the model year, approximate date(s) of purchase or lease, and Vehicle Identification Number (“VIN”) of your vehicle (which is located on a placard on the top of the dashboard visible through the driver’s side corner of the windshield), and (iii) clearly state your desire to be excluded from the settlement and from the Class. You must mail your exclusion request postmarked no later than October 30, 2020 to:

Defense Counsel
Shon Morgan
Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP
865 S. Figueroa Street, 10th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017


You can’t exclude yourself on the phone, on any website, or by e-mail. Please keep a copy of any exclusion (or opting out) letter for your records.

If you ask to be excluded, you cannot receive any benefits under this Settlement, and you cannot object to the Settlement. If you choose to be excluded or opt out, you will be excluded for all claims you have that are included in the Settlement. You will not be legally bound by anything that happens in this lawsuit. Depending on the laws in your state, you may be able to sue (or continue to sue) HMA, HMC, or other related entities or individuals in the future about the legal issues in this case.

With respect to Hyundai Class Vehicles only, any repairs performed pursuant to the Settlement’s extension of the Powertrain Warranty on your Hyundai Class Vehicle shall preclude you from excluding yourself from the Class or opting out.